Tuberculosis (TB) Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

TB is caused by slow-growing bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. When these bacteria enter the lungs, they are usually walled off into harmless capsules (granulomas) in the lung, causing infection but not disease. These capsules may later wake up weeks, months or decades later causing active TB disease. Who gets TB infection and TB disease? People … Read more

Henoch Schonlein Purpura with Rheumatic Carditis

In 1948 Gairdner firstly defined the linkage of Schoenlein-Henoch purpura (HSP) vasculitis with rheumatic fever. Since the first report of that association, only a few cases of HSP with acute rheumatic fever have been reported. HSP vasculitis and acute rheumatic fever are both multisystemic diseases affecting joints and heart. Some patient had migratory arthritis and … Read more

Back pain issue in pregnancy: Easy ways to get rid of Back issues

Getting backache or back pain during pregnancy is very common issue, especially in the early stages. During pregnancy, the ligaments in body naturally become softer and stretch to prepare you for labour. This can put a strain on the joints of your lower back and pelvis, which can cause back pain. This is due to … Read more

Deferasirox: Uses & Side Effects

Deferasirox is an iron chelator used to treat chronic iron overload caused by blood transfusions. Also used in patients with non-transfusion-dependent thalassemia syndromes, and in patients with elevated liver iron concentration and serum ferritin. Deferasirox is sold under the brand name Exjade & Asunra (in injectable form) & Oleptiss (Tablet formulation) both by Novartis among others. … Read more

Permanent Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus (PNDM)

Permanent neonatal diabetes mellitus (PNDM) is a type of diabetes that first appears within the first six months of life. This form of diabetes is associated with partial or complete insulin deficiency. This type of neonatal diabetes is caused by activating mutations of the KCNJ11 gene. Symptoms of Permanent Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus Individuals with permanent … Read more

Growth Hormone (GH) For Height, Types, Deficiency Symptoms & Treatment

Growth hormone (GH), also called somatotropin or human growth hormone (HGH), is a substance in the body that helps children grow and develop. In biochemical terms, GH stimulates protein synthesis and increases fat breakdown to provide the energy necessary for tissue growth. It is produced by the pituitary gland present in the brain, responsible for producing many hormones. … Read more